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Dryland Training for Stickhandling DVD


Dryland training has become the new buzz word but what is it? What is a player supose to do? Sure, they spend hours outside fliping the ball around but are they working on anything that is going to make a visible difference in the next game? Sean has collected exercises from all over the world and put them into a progression so that players can develop stickhandling coordination off-ice. Dryland training has been a Russian and European secret for years but now the secret is out. Learn what type of balls and pucks they use to use to develop lightning quick hands and strong arms. Learn about extremely difficult muti-tasking drills where players dribble mutiple balls while kicking and passing soccer balls. Learn about fun games like box hockey and developing stickhandling strength through weight plate stickhandling. Learn about training the eyes with the hands through advance dribbling exercises.

Chapter 1 - Set-up for Dryland Training
4 Considerations
Chapter 2 - Dryland Training Equipment
25 Pieces of Equipment-Wooden Balls or Golf Balls, Lead Pucks, Stick Weights, What-A-Puck-Blue Puck, Small Puck, Light Weight Puck, Hollow Pucks, Smart Hockey Ball, Dribble Glasses, Puckhandler, Black Ball on Black Surface, Mirror, PVC, Soft hands, Steel Puck, Big Puck, Power Arm, Shooting Bungie Cord, Attack Triangle, StickMaster, Skill Pad, Ice Advantage and Hockey Heat.
Chapter 3 - Dribbling 39 Skills
Chapter 4 - Fakes
8 Patterns for Hand Quickness
Chapter 5 - Toe Control -14 skills
Chapter 6 - Lightning Footwork - 7 Skills
Chapter 7 - Expansion of Reach - 5 Skills
Chapter 8 - Cupping the Puck -5 Skills
Chapter 9 - Moves, Fakes, or Dekes - 3 Skills
Chapter 10 - Stickhandling Strength - 6 Exerecises
Chapter 11 - Training Eyes with Hands - 9 Exercises
Chapter 12 - Stick/Eye Coordination -2 Exercises

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