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Stickhandling Mats


When using the Stick Handling System you need the proper resistance. We have found that the inexpensive 1/2 inch foam rubber mats work the best. During our testing we used several different surfaces. Its important to keep the resistance at the proper level.

If the resistance is too low, strength development cannot occur. If resistance is too high, the proper motion and the proper amount of reps cannot be obtained.

Concrete and other smooth fast surfaces are great for passing, and speed development but do not provide enough resistance. Your living room rug probably provides the proper resistance (we also tested these) but I'm quite sure someone in the house wouldn't approve of this.

When you order our mats, you receive 2 - 2 foot square interlocking mats. This provides a 2 ft by 4 ft area to stick handle on. Not only does it provide the proper amount of resistance, but it also provides protection for the underlying surface along with tremendous sound dampening properties.

Use these mats finished side up for less resistance or unfinished side up(dull) for more resistance.

By using these mats stick handling is no longer relegated to the cellar or garage and can be done in a family room.

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