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How it Works

The KwiK–Hands™ Stick Handling System is the only system sold that addresses the most important aspects of stick handling. No other ball or combination of training products addresses these key aspects.

By combining the following features into one system, the player receives a unique workout which cannot be obtained with any other system. Motion, Strength development and Repetition are the key elements to better stick handling. The KwiK–Hands™ Stick Handling System incorporates these skills and many more. Because the sets are executed from heavy to light, more motion is built each time a level is changed. This system was specifically designed to develop the following critical areas.


Develops the proper wrist motion. The only way to stick handle a Kwik-Hands™ stick handling ball is by using the proper motion. When done over a period of time the motion will be comitted to memory and becomes automatic. Once this occurs the motion can be repeated on demand and without the player having to look down. By reducing weight each time a level is changed more motion is developed.

Strength development

This is the only system designed to strengthen the specific muscles involved with the stick handling motion


Through our testing we have found that 30-50 reps and 3 system sets per day produce very positive results. The key being this, do the reps properly. Do not repeat an incorrect motion. You must develop the proper motion before adding speed and strength. This is done slowly and through repeated execution of the proper motion.


We use 4 balls in varying weights. For each level the weight is reduced by 50%. That means that motion development will increase by at least 50% !! This is very important and the key to developing proper motion quickly !!
Level 1 is 4 lbs
Level 2 is 2 lbs
Level 3 is 1 lb 
Level 4 is 8 oz


Size does matter, and in this case the reduction of 1/2 inch per level is very important. You'll understand how when you use the system. Note that level 1 is the same size as a puck.
 Level 1 is 3 inches.
    Level 2 is 2 ½ inches
Level 3 is 2 inches
    Level 4 is 1 ½ inches

Time Constraints

We all know the amount of time that kids have in a day is never enough. With that in mind we suggest a reasonable amount of reps as listed above. When the player becomes proficient in the system he can do 3 sets of 30 reps in 4 minutes. It's a small amount of time to kick your skills up a level.