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About Us

KwiK-Hands® is a company I formed more or less out of frustration and necessity. With 2 boys playing Hockey, I quickly found out what a lot of other coaches have known for years. We as coaches and players were not spending enough time on a very essential skill STICK HANDLING, and it shows on the ice. Many coaches (with a heck of a lot more experience than I) have talked about this very issue. What I saw during the time I coached youth Hockey, proved to me that little time was being spent on this essential skill. 

Yes, I was also guilty of not spending enough time on this skill.. Ice time being as expensive as it was, combined with the need to work on many other skills, means something will fall through the cracks. Stickhandling should not be falling through the cracks. Be that as it may, when my boys got older and decided to play High School Hockey, what fell through the cracks finally came home to roost.

The generally poor stickhandling skills of the average High School player was clearly evident on the ice. What was also evident is that many players couldn't roll their wrists. They have stickhandled improperly for so long that a bad motion was now committed to memory. What I didn't know is how long and what it would take to change the motion. So the search began for something that could force the proper motion to be used. Like everybody we used Golf balls and wood balls and all sorts of street hockey balls.

Now let me make one thing clear. There isn't a street hockey ball made that's worth a dime when it comes to stickhandling. Every single one (and I weigh each one) is less than 6 ounces.The newest Smarthockey ball weighs 4 ounces, the weight of a mite puck, and its much too big. So the search was on. I needed something small, and slightly higher than a puck, so the breakpoint of the stick and the puck would be essentially the same. This was very important, because we do not want the stick edge to go under the ball, like most street hockey balls. Last but most important we needed weight. It makes no sense to stickhandle something that weighs less than a puck. To stickhandle with speed you need strength, and to build strength you need weight, so what good is a 4 oz ball when a puck is 6 oz? This led to the development of a ball to be used exclusive for stickhandling, not for streethockey or shooting.

What happened next is pretty much a secret, so let's just say that we stumbled on a way of using weighted balls to change a bad motion committed to memory, into something good. What we ended up with after lots and lots of trial and error is a complete system. What we didn't expect is the dramatic results that would occur. We knew we were onto something special, when we finally figured out how to use the weighted balls as a system in the most efficient way. The key to the Kwik-Hands™ System is the method we use to obtain the desired results. The Kwik-Hands™ Stickhandling Method was born, and is producing some very positive results.

As a mechanic, engineer, inventor and Masters Level USA Hockey coach, I've learned to pay attention to detail. I've coached Mites to Midgets. I've been in the cellar and in the State Championships. We've spent almost a year developing this system, and if you use this system and pay attention to the details (motion,motion,motion) you CAN change years of bad motion into something good.

Last but not least, a special thanks to the following people, my wife Jean, who put up with the noise at midnight while I stickhandled and supported me during this long process. Dennis, who played college Hockey and (after working with the system) immediately jumped on board to get KwiK-Hands off the ground, he is responsible for the logo, labels and video we have today. Dave, who came up with our "Balls of Steel Slogan" and who's opinion I value and have asked for many many times, your help with the advertising and lots of other stuff has been very valuable. Mark Hayes, the owner of National Fitness who was kind enough to let us use his brand new facility and setup a special workout program. Also to Jonathan, Anthony, Christian and Richie. As players, it was your testing which has proven that the system works. Keep up the good work


Ron Gagne
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
KwiK-Hands Inc.