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Ice Links

This page contains links to drills that you may find useful. If you find a dead link or you have a link you would like to share please let me know and I'll take care of the dead link or add the new

Stick Handling Drills

The following link should take you to a bunch of short stick handling videos for USA Hockey.
USA Hockey Stickhandling Videos

A couple of guys from Canada created this site. Its got lots of tidbits and useful info on it. Yes it has drills.
How to Hockey

Training Info and Techniques

You really have to take a peek at this site. Eye/Brain training is real and is the reason the KwiK-Hands Method works so well. By watching the stick and ball while you execute your sets your brain is learning to repeat the same motion. Thats why its so important to use the Proper Motion. Dr. Smushkin has lots of great info here.
Dr. Smushkin's Hockey Agility



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Dig U.S. Out

Check this out. If you're not familiar with this site you should take a click. You can get some great deals for non hockey related stuff. Well worth the bookmark. I know....Is there anything else beside hockey? still have to live.