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Ice Pics

Well, The Complete Stickhandling System has been a total success. So much so that when Sean Skinner asked for sets to use with both the Swedish national teams and the Montreal Canadiens we didn't hesitate to accommodate him. The off/on ice passing using the Level-1 4 lb ball was amazing! We continue to see more and more programs adopting our system for whole teams and programs. This is where you will see the most benefit. When multiple players on the same team are proficient stick handlers, game play can be vastly improved.

For those of you who would like to put a package together for your team, dont hesitate to call. We can mix and match products to suit your requirements and give you a price that will save your team some money. Want to fund raise for your program? We can put a package together for your program. Just give us a call.

When Sean brought our system up to the Canadiens pre-season camp the response was great! You can see by these pictures that the 4lb Level 1 ball was the favorite one for passing. Notice the distance! This is the best way to develop passing skills. These guys were passing this ball as hard as they could. Hands out in front and stay strong on that stick and cup it !!! 


Look where the pass starts from. Lots of young players try to pass with that puck at their front foot which results in those flutter pucks you see. 


When we got a call to appear at the Bruins Fanfest we jumped at the chance. Here are some pictures of our booth. By the way...Does anyone know who won the Cup in 2011 ?