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The time to system proficiency will vary from player to player and is based on different factors, some of which are listed below. What this system does is teach the proper motion. Proficiency is defined as the point when a player always uses the proper motion when he touches a puck. 

1. The skill level of the player prior to starting the system. 

2. Dedication. Does the player do it every day? 

3. Quality of the reps. Proper motion, done consistently will shorten the time to proficiency. 

4. Age of the player. The older a player gets, the more reps it will take to commit a movement to memory. Many studies have been done on this. 

5. Number of proper reps per day.  A complete system set is 3 of the following: Between 30 and 50 reps per ball. Beginning with the appropriate level ball and ending with the Level 4 ball. I can’t say enough about doing the reps correctly. 

The quality and the number of the reps are the 2 main factors in reaching system proficiency. 


The number of reps needed, will vary from player to player. I can tell you one thing, its not in the tens, or hundreds, its in the thousands! This is the only system designed, that takes this into consideration. With one complete system set doing all 4 levels at 30 reps per ball you will get 360 reps (4 balls x 30 reps per ball = 120 x 3 sets = 360 or 1 system set). 

If a player requires 10,000 reps to become proficient he would need to do 1 system set per day for 30 days (360 per day x 30 days = 10,800). Now look what happens if the player does 3 system sets per day for 10 days: 360 reps per set x 3 = 1080 x 10 = 10,800). So if a player were to do 3 system sets per day for 20 days he would get 21,600 reps, if all of the reps were quality reps a player could be proficient within 3 weeks! The 3 key ingredients to developing your skills for any sport are: Proper motion, repetition and strength development. This is what the Kwik-Hands™ Stickhandling System is all about. The charts below give you a way to see and keep track of the reps per week need to reach your proficiency level.